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Sep 3, 2012 8:30pm EDT
york giants for the national league baseball. so he and his partner bring in a club from baltimore in 1803 that doesn't have a name. and over time to get the name and it's become the new york yankees. big bill dead greek, adversary with the new york yankees. >> if friedman was best tammany guy, heat island -- as the owner of the new york giants was sort of the steinbrenner of the state. he often new york giants >> if anyone wanted to put a stadium somewhere, they couldn't get any transportation there because if friedman. but here's a little story i don't even know if kevin knows. >> i'm out with the police the other night and he really knows his stuff. he tells me that the new york yankees logo is one of the most famous in sport, interlocking n. n. y. i want is the part the story is based on a louis tiffany merritt of valor award for the police in the 1870s. but here's what he tells me, the guy who got away was a guy named dowel. he was on a bender and was drunk and sleeping it off at the tenderloin saloons and three i wish these drop through the skyline. admit dowell doesn't want
Sep 4, 2012 12:00am EDT
a frank bring in a club from baltimore in 1903 that doesn't have a name and over time the gates a name and become the new york yankees. big bill was the cofounder of the new york yankees. >> it was the way tamney would operate. the tam nigh guy owned the new york giants. he owned the new york giants and head of the transit . >> anyone wanted to train them put a stadium they couldn't get transportation there because of freed month. here's a story i don't know if kevin knows if you want for the baseball guys. i met with a police historian the other night. and he knows his stuff. and he tells me that the new york yank agree low go one of the most famous low go the interlocking n and y. it was based on a tiffany merit of valor award for the police back in the 1870s. but here what he told me the guy named mcdowell was the bag man for gluer williams he was on a bender and was drunk and sleeping it off in a tenderloin saloon when three irish thieves drop through the skylight and he wakes up he's carrying the -- [inaudible] he fights the three crooks and gets shot in the line of duty. so a bag
Sep 30, 2012 2:00pm EDT
name and where you're from? >> my name's daniel coreturn, and i'm from baltimore,
Sep 11, 2012 5:00pm EDT
baltimore county. she has been a decades long member of people for the american way, and a longtime supporter of amnesty international. she not only thinks globally, but ask locally through city meals with whom she volunteers as a meal deliver in new york city where she lives. [applause] >> turner serves as the chair of the planned parenthood federation of american board of advocates, and has testified before congress on reproductive rights which is your topic here today. besides acting and doing political work, turner is doing one thing, helping keep the spirit of mali allies. she was a newspaper columnist whose wit and passion for politics made her a legend. turner knew her. that's because when former texas governor ann richards was undergoing cancer treatment in manhattan, she happened to move into turner's apartment building. one day i was visiting with richard and they ran into turner. they invited her out for an evening of laughter, tall stories and giving turner a unique appreciation of life and spirit. later when market and go, a journalist known to many of us here in d.c. a
Sep 4, 2012 9:00am EDT
you go to school and what did you study? >> guest: i went to public school in part 10 baltimore until the eighth grade. then i went to some boarding schools or very good in massachusetts. eagle brook school, i was there for eighth and ninth grade. best of its kind. in illinois, there were not too many people going off to schools at that time. half of my friends thought i was sent to military school or sent to reform school, which, played on the judgment of my character. either way, 180 kids at the top of the class. then i went to andover massachusetts, which is a spectacular place. they have one of the best in history departments on earth. i went to williams college in massachusetts. the way that happened was actually one of my mentors was a man who passed way too early. he was the headmaster of andover. in those days, you would go see the headmaster and he would say where would you want to go to college or a a lot of my friends wanted to go to this particular college and he said i don't think that's a good reason for you to go anyplace. he said you want he wants to write history book
Sep 22, 2012 10:00am EDT
. >> host: john in baltimore, you are on with -- professor john lewis gaddis. >> caller: i have a question. as a high school instructor i was interested in exporting what you discussed with your reliance on the classics and the new curriculum you have been doing and being your opinion i was wondering which classics do you think could be used to best in for u.s. foreign policy regarding the situation in israel. >> guest: the problem with influencing u.s. foreign policy is policymakers don't read classical works. nobody in government has the time. henry kissinger famously said years ago that policymakers bring into the job the intellectual capital accumulated before they took the job and they draw down on it and that means what they learned in school. our program at yale is not a program of trying to influence current policy in any regard. we are not a think tank or anything like that. we are trying to think about what kinds of books you want the leaders of the country who may not be the leaders of the country for another 30 years what books would you want them to read and that was how we th
Sep 23, 2012 12:00pm EDT
,, hello my name is daniel coburn and i am from baltimore, maryland. >> it was fantastic. he has a really top talent. >> it was a book you wanted to read before you came today? >> i actually read it before i came today and he has a new book out that i will be taking up when i get home. >> any other books that do you recommend as well? >> in general, i just finished up the king of gang of thrones book. very entertaining to read. >> with you currently reading now? >> well, i'm going to be picking up the oath. >> here at the 12th annual national book festival on the national mall in washington dc, we are joined by david rubenstein, cochair of the carlyle group and a benefactor of the national book festival. mr. rubin side, with your connection? >> i have been involved with the library of congress for a while. i agreed to put up $5 million to help get funded for the next five years. and so that was my initial contact. subsequently, i provided additional money so it could be a two-day affair. originally it was a one-day event. today is the second day, it's a sunday. that is my connection. >> a
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)